Crashing Time Can't Hide A Guilty Girl.

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Anything you say can and will be used against you, so only say my name.
It will be used against you.

Addicts and rehab. I'm addicted to you and the way you bring me down. You spent yesterday ripping my sunglasses off my face and telling me that I was disgusting. That nobody should love me, that I don't deserve any respect from anyone and that I treat the world like shit.
Then you told me you loved me.

You were at home in bed. I asked if I should leave you alone, you said "meh." I left you alone. The next thing you said to me? You were screaming at me for not working more than five days this week.

Little brother's graduation night. You screamed at me until I left because you were hungry and bored, even though you had your truck, a skateboard, cash and fast food within view of your room. You also could have ordered pizza, or let me do it for you when I begged you to let me. You refused because it's better for me to be sad. Then when I was bringing you food? "Wendy's Baconator. If it's cold, you're gonna get knocked out." That same night you texted me, "I want to murder you. You know this, right?" You then screamed at me for "doing what the fuck I wanted", which is apparently attending my little brother's high school graduation which you knew about for a month. I knew you'd kill it. The same way i know you'll kill me.

Let's go to my inbox. This is since Friday. It's Monday now.

"I'm trying. Fuck shut up."
"Fuck you, I'm done. I'm gonna have a good night."
"So you work three days. Awesome." (Um, how do you get THAT from "i work every day this week except today and friday"?)

I can't take much more. I really and truly can't. My heart aches every day and I'm in tears, afraid of you every day. I steal lie and hurt my family so you won't hurt me.
Please someone notice.


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